Faith To Strength

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An impressive novel by LaToya Divine explores the various stages of love, hurt, forgiveness, and strength.

Through the character Justyne, you will vividly explore this young woman’s journey as she charts both the beginning and end of her marriage. It is the journey of a woman whose longing for love ultimately reveals the true essence of her own faith and strength.

LaToya writes from a place of empathy and digs deep into a story with a unique perspective and creativity.  She illustrates situations that bring insights to the attitudes, approaches, and behaviors we bring into relationships. The realness of this book will deeply connect with your heart and mind. The story encourages us to look into how we nurture the relationships we have with each other and the one with ourselves. It’s far from your run-of-the-mill love story, or those happily-ever-after, everything-is-perfect escapist novels – Faith the Strength simply infuses in our everyday lives and experiences.



“I couldn’t put the book down I finished the book in less than 24 hours!! I wanted more from Justyne Wilson.” ~ Goodreads Reader

“Good read! The character Justyne had to endure so much yet kept the faith. A great story that encourages healing.” ~Michelle Thompson, UK family therapist

Faith to Strength is a story that illustrates great fortitude. It takes you on a journey of love, hope, acceptance, disappointment, and spiritual development.” ~ Charles Johnson, Minnesota social worker