About LaToya

IMG_7941-Edit-2Hey there! Welcome. I’m LaToya Divine, self-proclaimed faith warrior and author. I’m so happy you visited.  I hope you enjoy this site and learn more about me, my first novel, and opportunities for us to connect.  I started writing because it heals. Writing for me make life’s journey more meaningful.

I hold a Bachelors of Commerce in IT from Ryerson University, and a Masters of Education in Adult Education and Counselling Psychology from the University of Toronto. I currently reside in the Twin Cities, where I speak about resilience and faith. As an author it allows me to authentically share with you.

My first novel Faith to Strength – the love she wanted, the strength she received is a reflection of how every experience moves us closer to our true selves. As an author, I want to create a space to bring the beauty of life’s messy, painful, funny, awkward, embarrassing, amazing experiences together, and share inspiring stories to help people live better intentional lives.

So let’s do it. Break the chains, pull down the veil, and be free.