Battle is not mine

Have you ever been in a situation when you choose to take the higher road, but the other person continues to drag you into their pit?

I’m in a battle right now. The sad thing about it that I didn’t choose it – it choose me. I’m on a ride that I truly want to get off from, but the other person wants the ride to continue. Not because it’s fun, but because of the control. Today, I decided to jump off, regardless of the speed and height the ride reached.

At some point in a broken relationship, it becomes evident who or what the problem is. Over the past year, I have remained still.  In that time I watched things unfold, and information I was unaware of revealed to me.  After each blow, I remained still and kept my heart open. Of course there were times I screamed, and was so mad that I wanted to do something about it, but I realized that would only satisfy a temporary emotion, and not fix the problem.  In those times, I closed my eyes and just slept, hoping the next day would be better than before.

My battle is not over, but it’s clearer to me that I’m an observer.  Sometimes the person who you are in battle with is not fighting you, but rather themselves.  Fighting the truth about who they are; the guilt of what they have done; and the regret of doing things differently. I decided to stop being on the sidelines, and start recognizing the battle I’m really in.  Regardless of how open my heart is, and how reasonable I’m willing to be – if the other person is not ready – it is wasted time and effort.

In every battle be true to who you are.  The truth will ALWAYS prevail.

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