Vision your dreams and make it happen!

I believe one of the greatest gifts in a woman’s life is a group of fabulous girlfriends! The relationship of women supporting women have been around for many generations, and as we get older and appreciate the things in life that matter the most; having girlfriends who you can laugh, cry and experience life with; becomes sweeter and sweeter!

Last night I was invited to a girlfriend’s house, along with other ladies, to work on our vision boards for 2017. It was facilitated by the wonderful owner of The Vision Investment. She asked us questions to help us to really think aboutvision_quote what we wanted to accomplish in the year to make sure we were focused and committed to achieving our vision. I’ve done vision boards before, but this one was extra special because it focused only on the year 2017, thus making it smaller, intentional, and achievable. I firmly believe that you do become what you believe in life. When you create a vision and believe in it with every fiber of your being it pulls you into an unimaginable focus and determination that only you understand.

Life is a day-by-day activity, and can become overwhelming when we take on too much at one time.  I’ve learned to truly appreciate each day I wake up to take in a breath of fresh air. It’s an opportunity to live, correct, change and start something!

My 2017 vision board. I’m ready 2017!


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