Divine Visitation

Happy New Year!  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for 2017.  I’m looking forward to maximizing the power of the universe. Living everyday intentionally; being fully present; and enjoying every minute of it. I truly believe everything that happened in 2016 was the beginning of what will be fulfilled in 2017.  The challenges endured has strengthen me for the blessing ahead.  I believe it, and I think you should too!

So here are my 17 intentions for 2017:

  1. Make better meals even if it’s just for a table of one.
  2. Watch every movie that looks good to me.
  3. Bring fresh flowers back into my life.
  4. Abide by the way of Love according to 1 Corinthians 13.
  5. Do ab crunches before I go to bed, even if it is just one – Consistency is key!
  6. Go to places I want to go.
  7. Conceive it, believe it, achieve it.
  8. Love myself in a bikini this summer.
  9. Trust that everything will be okay.
  10. Believe in my heavenly protection; there is no fear in His Love.
  11. Use all 24 colors in my eye shadow case.
  12. Wear lipstick.
  13. Don’t be so easily trusting of others. I’ve put myself in vulnerable situations by trusting people who I should have taking a bit more time to be sure of how I felt about them – and then trusting those instincts.
  14. Let go of my sweet tooth; it’s time.
  15. Meet and connect with more fascinating people – everyone has a story!
  16. Improve my swimming skills.
  17. Be with my forever love.

I attended church on New Year’s eve and the pastor titled the year 2017 the year of Divine Visitation.  The year is going to be real!  Getting ready for God’s presence and deliverance in where you are at in your life’s journey.  God will remember to reward you; God will provide you extra-ordinary favor; God will accomplish the impossible; and God will resolve long-standing problems.  Yes! I’m ready for my divine visit 🙂


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